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Why Cannabis/Cannabinoids??

Are you looking for pain relief, but do not want to be addicted to medication that just makes your head foggy and does not actually relieve pain?

Are you looking for anxiety relief, but again do not want to be put on addictive medications?

Are you needing a sleep aid that does not make you feel groggy the next morning, but actually energized and ready to start the day?

Are you looking for a stress reliever after a long day of work, or dealing with kids, or life in general?

Are you looking for something that has that right head/body buzz to it, but does not affect mental clarity or paranoia? 


An exotic cannabinoid might actually be what you are looking for and in the state of Louisiana these are 100% legal provided they are derived from 100% industrial hemp thanks to the 2018 USA Farm Bill that legalized hemp, and all minor cannabinoids, that have a  Delta-9-THC content of less than .03%. Also as of October 29, 2021, the DEA has announced that these various THC isomers are federally legal by their current standards!!

Image by David Gabrić
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